Thursday, April 27, 2017

Compare Hotels Promotions!


Lama tak menulis sini. Maklum lah busy sikit, plus focussing on my wixsite.

So, I would like to share apps or website yang sangat awesome.
Try click gambar.

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Apa yang best, dia akan compare semua hotel yang ada berdekatan. And yang paling awesome, dia akan tolong COMPARE dengan website travel yang lain. 

Sebagai contoh, I'll be heading out to Bangkok in June (in Sha Allah) so; here is the screenshot of it!

First, dia akan keluar macam ni, but let say kita nak tengok deal lain pulak, just click view deal...

Dia akan direct ke website lain yang dia comparekan, contoh yang ni, Boleh tengok harga and deal lain yang ada. 

Bukan takat itu, awesome nya website ni lagi... kita boleh cari hotel yang berdekatan dengan (tempat kita nak pergi)..

Contoh, kita tak pasti area tu, kita tahu landmark je.. so, sort ikut distance to...
Mudah =D

Oh, dia juga ada apps. Boleh download di appstore. =D

So, lain kali nak bercuti... guna je apps ni, mudah. 
Dekat blog ni pun ada dekat bawah sekali, just guna je =D

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Dua angka menjelang 30.

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Well, I did think of this moment back then.
I said, will I still write this blog?

Now, I get the answer. YES.

But something that I noticed was, my tone is kinda different as I grow older.
I tend to be more serious, and quite picky with what I want to write. 
Guess, that what they been saying about age factors and creativity. 

But, well... Life's a journey aite? We start somewhere, and we will end up somewhere. 
Most important is, the journey itself. What memories it brings. 

Till Then.