Sunday, July 19, 2015

My Favourite Route

Just nak share one of my favourite route for running / jogging.


Just an ordinary track (bricks) not tarmac,
but since this is an open park (beside a lake) so you need to be careful of people fishing there,
sometimes they wont notice you and just dangerously throw their line / rod.

And, there is also a children playground, so do expect some children running or crossing the 'track' without their parents supervision.

Oh, not to forget rempits. There are bunch of them that like to use the track and sometime they do speed up too, so, just be cautious.

1 lap = + - 500m im not sure because i dont think my tracking device is accurate. but it is somewhere around there,
Normally, it would took about 2 lap to complete 1km.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Rawang Runner's

Angan angan je dulu.

So, kita boleh share tips and tricks.
Port lari best and bla bla bla.


Aku jumpa sesuatu yang mungkin bukan baru.
Lari-lah, tak kisah apa jarak pun, 
biar orang kata, apa sikit sangat.
Jadi, kau pandang dia- kau senyum
kau kata : tapi kan masa aku lari "apa sikit sangat" kilometer tu hang tengah tido =D